Why us?

Situated in an easily accessible area, str. Avrig 8, (100 m de Primaria Sector 2),in the clinic you will find a warm ambience and a the team of doctors
enthusiasts ready to respond with promptness and professionalism to your needs for that, is not it?,


Including absolutely any treatment, from routine and hygienic consultations through ultrasonic and airflow dentistry to smile restoration through minimally invasive techniques, bleaching treatments and implants, bone addition and orthodontics, Sanadent team is dedicated to treating each patient according to their needs its specific approach, addressing the modern solution of specialization of doctors on specific stages of treatment.

We are here to offer you the smile that you want and the health of your smile is our profession.

You will convince me that the oath we have spoken is not just the wind.

As much as the forces and reason help me, my prescriptions are made only for the benefit and good condition of the sick, to guard against any harm or violence.

Sacred and clean I will keep my art and lead my life.

Whatever I see or hear during a treatment will be kept secret, because here silence is a duty.

If I respect this oath and I will not tread it, my life and my art enjoy renown and respect from all men; if I betray him by becoming perjury, then the opposite.”

                       The Hippocratic oath


“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”

Tom Wilson