Pediatric dentistry

Pedodontia is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of dento-periodontal disease in children.

Although the affections of the children are largely the same as adults, the treatments are different, both because of the anatomic particularities of the dental teeth and of the young permanent teeth, but also because of the difficulty of dealing with juvenile patients.

A proper parenting education in oral hygiene is of great help. Even if children begin to become aware of the importance of oral hygiene after the age of 5, the oral hygiene ritual should begin even before the dental eruption.

A dentist specializing in pediatrics (pediatric dentistry) knows a number of methods to address children who come to treatment so they gain confidence and feel comfortable on the dental chair. Collaboration, distraction, and parenting are ways that can increase the trust of the little dentist. Small children feel safe and trust when their parents are around, but they should not be distracted from communicating with their dentist. The same is not the case for older children, when parents should sit quietly in the waiting room, leaving the physician-patient relationship unfolding without parental implication.

The child must be convinced that during his visit to the dentist he does special things that give him praise from the doctor, and he has to pass it on to the child. In general, getting acquainted with the dental office and with the doctor should be done gradually.

Be an example for your children and turn the “ritual” of toothbrushing into a common and fun activity!