• In defiance of my fear of dentist, and in particular of the potential side effects of anesthesia due to a chronic autoimmune disease, I have taken the courage to go to the Sanadent clinic, and it seems that solutions have been found and the contour .
    Some opinions:
    · Okay endowment, with local imaging, attention to detail from the first step on the shoe trimmer, saying a lot;
    · Responsible management of cases, from the first consultation, building a dossier with everything that was identified, photographed and corrected;
    · Ultraspecialization and techniques with which we first contacted for complex interventions in the field of endodontic treatment and implants;
    · Ambience pleasant, youthful on musical arrangements that have good 🙂

    Cristian Bucur, IT Business Analyst

  • They are one of those terrorists who have the idea of going to the dentist. However, it has become very simple to beat my fear and to go to the dentist regularly. I discovered at the Sanadent clinic that young, highly professional team, which gives me confidence and, last but not least, courage.
    Latest equipment, a warm atmosphere, respect for the patient. This is the perfect recipe for building a doctor-patient relationship.
    Professionalism and warmth Mrs. Meda Serban makes me come back with confidence and pleasure at every appointment.
    Congratulations Sanadent and success! I’m sure you’re on the right track.

    Mihnea Dumitrache, avocat

  • I had a series of problems with teeth and so I had to get in touch with various dentists. Like most of us, I felt a heartbeat and an empty stomach every visit to the dentist. Since I met Dr. Meda Ofelia Serban, all this has changed. He is an accomplished professional, an extraordinary specialist with lasting professional studies and knowledge. But what really impressed me is her character and attitude as a man. You feel respected as a patient and as a man: there are no delays in programming, the atmosphere is always joyful, you feel like in the family and forget about the problems you came for. Medina doctor Meda Ofelia Serban is a complete specialist, she has done works from scaling up to the reconstruction of the gum without suffering or even the constant stress that we all feel when we go to the dentist. I always went clear and smiling from her office. I incline with all my esteem and respect to this doctor!

    Florea Bratu