Endodontia is the treatment of the nerve that is inside the tooth, being one of the most common dental procedures. Endodontia, as a specialty in dental medicine, was born precisely because of the major importance and difficulty of treating the tooth nerve. Endodontic treatment is still a foundation stone in the whole of complete oral cavity treatment. Correctly done, this treatment is for all life, so Sanadent team is trained at the highest level with materials and equipment, used by the specialist endodont. Endodontic treatment (also known as “canal treatment” or “nerve removal”) is one of the most common dental procedures that treat the “inside of the tooth” (pulp chamber and entire canal system) to eliminate infections and protect future infections .

Endodontic (canal) treatments assisted by a microscope is the most complex working formula currently in endodontics. In Romania, dental stomatology assisted by mischroscope has been used for a few years.

With the help microscope
which can grow up to 22 times and can provide a bright enough light to see details that the dentist can not see with the naked eye, can save teeth that otherwise could not be kept. Using the microscope in canal treatments has made it possible to solve many very difficult cases with a reserved prognosis. A well-made canal treatment can render the patient’s teeth functional and with proper care, can prevent future complications.
This powerful working technique requires the dental office to have the presence of an intraoperative dental microscope, but also a wide range and a variety of necessary and binding devices for these types of modern treatments
The use of the microscope in the treatment of the root canal has led to an increase in the quality of the treatments, but also to the success rate in recovery of teeth difficult to treat by classical methods. The remarkable optical performance of the microscope allows you to see details that can not be seen with the naked eye. The microscope image is magnified and very clear. Excellent image quality, color fidelity and finer details are of great importance for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The latest endodontic treatment techniques involve using the microscope. The endodontic microscope allows the therapy to be performed under direct visual control, so the physician has a much better control over the maneuvers performed.

At SANADENT, endodontic interventions are performed by highly specialized and experienced physicians using the solutions “pain free” and dental microscope.

“If we made valuable discoveries in life, it is due to more patience and attention than any other talent.” Isaac Newton

It includes a succession of work that requires meticulousness and patience, which can be done in most cases at the same meeting. This is possible due to the presence in the Sanadent clinic of digital radiography, which in endodontics represents “the eyes of the doctor”.

endodontie1 CP

Without careful x-rays taken from different directions and at different times of treatment, everything would be inaccurate and knowledgeable, and can lead to inappropriate treatments.

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Endodontic treatment, although involving higher costs, is the wise choice, because:

  • is cheaper than the treatments that would come as alternatives: extraction, implant, bone addition, etc.
  •  we will preserve what is natural, this being our tooth

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What are the main goals of endodontic treatment?

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Elimination of infection

The first endpoint of endodontic treatment is the elimination of causative factors. Normally, pulp infections occur due to caries , where microbes in the carious process penetrate enamel and dentine to reach the dental pulp.


Protecting the tooth against other microbial invasions

Once infectious agents (or other) have been removed and the tooth has been completely decontaminated, it is vital to protect it against other aggressions. For this, the root canals will be “sealed” with specific obturation materials, thus achieving the channel filling is the last stage of endodontic treatment.


Cuncover the importance of proper and timed endodontic treatment in order to avoid the occurrence of chronic infections (cysts) and even loss of tooth.


Among the outstanding advantages offered by the dental microscope are:

-recognition of incorrect channel treatments
-identifying root-holes and sealing them
-view and remove those broken channels
– Detection of root fractures and identification of additional channels
-identifying the channel inlets
-identifying and treating calcified channels