Coronary restoration

Worldwide, dental caries are the most common tooth disorder being the leading cause of loss of teeth.

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In early stages, caries have no symptoms, but the physician can figure out their existence either through clinical examination or by examining dental x-rays.

Once the cavity progresses, the first symptoms or dental sensitivity occur, especially for sweet, acidic or hot food and drinks, and more pitiable and painful. The more it reaches the inside of the tooth, which produces persistent pains, which only yield with the medication. At this time, visit to the doctor is essential, only a dental abscess can develop.

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Dental caries are caused by the bacterial plaque that breaks down sugars into acids, attacking the tooth. Once sweet foods have entered the oral cavity, saliva salts begin the action of enamel repair. This process takes about 40 minutes. Cavities occur due to repeated acid attacks when saliva fails to restore balance.

Treatment of dental caries requires accuracy and patience that will lead to maintenance for the entire life of that tooth in the oral cavity. The reverse, a superficial treatment, leads in time to caries recurrence, nerve removal treatments and possibly a dental fracture. As a slow avalanche, these events lead to tooth loss.

Superficiality does not occur in any treatment within the Sanadent team, and the traction of a carriage, regardless of its size or position, is carefully treated using the most rigorous materials used after the latest specialty adherence studies of dental materials and techniques such as the adhesion obturation technique that persists for the existence of a dry workbench, the doctor for dental dental application , a latex-insulating foil fastened to the teeth by means of special clamps. This minimizes contamination with saliva. This allows for perfect adherence between the tooth and the fill material increasing the long-term success rate of dental restoration and implicitly the life of the tooth on the arch.


Be cheerful and wise! Aware of the importance of caries treatment on time!