The Sanadent medical team addresses the modern solution of physician specialization on stages specific to each treatment. Thus, young and ambitious specialists treat interdisciplinary, with passion and dedication, the most complex clinical cases.

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  • Dr. Meda Serban

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Parodontologie


    2003 – 2009 Faculty of Dental Medicine, UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest
    2010 – 2013 Resident Specialist in Periodontology UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest
    Further Training courses, certificates,
    Master Course in Regenerative and Esthetic Periodontal Therapy – Prof. Dr. hc Anton Sculean (Switzerland)
    (Otto Zuhr, Germany), Professor Marc Hurzeler (Germany), Prof. Dr Giovanni Zucchelli (Italy)

    UNAS International Congress, Prof. Dr. Alexandu Petre – Social and Technological Component in Dental Medicine

    National Parodontology Conference – Prof. Dr. Alexandu Petre – Periodontal gynecological therapies correlated with the general status of the patient

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  • Dr. Iunia Dogarescu

    Medic Dentist/Stomatologie Generala


    2003-2009 Faculty of Dental Medicine UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    Further Training courses, certificates,

    Master course – Fixed Prosthetics Dr. Domenico Massironi (Italy)

    (Otto Zuhr, Germany), Professor Marc Hurzeler (Germany), Prof. Dr Giovanni Zucchelli (Italy)

    MI Concept – Prof Dr John David Marton (Australia)

    Technical and Training Manager GC Europe Karin de Hert – Stratifications techniques

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  • Dr. Andreea Petrovits

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Endodontie Doctorand UMF Carol Davila



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    1994– 1996 Facultatea de Medicina Generala UMF Carol Davila /Bucuresti

    1996– 2001 Facultatea de Medicina Dentara UMF Carol Davila /Bucuresti

    2002 – 2004 Medic rezident Stomatologie Generala (UMF Carol Davila Bucuresti)

    2003 – 2004 Preparator Universitar catedra de Patologie Orala din cadrul UMF Carol Davila Bucuresti

    2016 doctorand UMF Carol Davila Bucuresti

    2011 Membru al Societatii de Stomatologie Estetica din Romania (SSER)

    2014 Membru Certificat al Societatii Europene de Endodontie (ESE)

    2017 Membru al Societatii Internationale de Traumatologie Dentara (IADT)

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  • Dr. Mircea Baldea

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Chirurgie Orala si maxilo-faciala, Implantologie


    2001-2007 Faculty of Dental Medicine Titu Maiorescu / Bucharest

    2008-2014 Faculty of Dental Medicine, UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    2011-2016 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency, “Prof Dr Dan Theodorescu” OMF Surgery Hospital Bucharest

    Active member of MegaGen International Network of Education & amp; Clinical Research Romania

    Member of the Discipline Commission of the College of Dentists in Buzau

    Member of ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologist)

    Member of International Association for Osseointegration

    congestions, courses, workshops

    “Ortognatic surgery course – from planning to optimal outcome” Dr Giuseppe Salvato

    “Endoscopic ENT Surgery” Center for Excellence in ENT Endoscopic Surgery, Clinical Clinic of Sf Maria, Bucharest, Prof Dr Codrut Sarafoleanu

    “International symposium balkanian bone & tissue days”

    “The use of Allograft bone struts for ideal GBR Results” Dr Howard Gluckman ”

    “Soft Tissue Plastic Surgery in the Aesthetic Areas of the Mouth: Management of Gingivat Defects Around Teeth and Implants” Prof Dr Giovanni Zucchelli

    “New Approach in Implant Dentistry”

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  • Dr. Andreea Solomon

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Ortodontie si Ortopedie Dento-Faciala


    1993 – 1999: Carol Davila Faculty of Dentistry / Bucharest

    2000-2003: Resident – General Dentistry

    2008 – 2011: Resident – Specialist in Orthodontics and Dental Facial Orthopedics

    UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    certificated / overspecialized courses

    Pablo Echarri (Spain)

    Introduction to Philosophy of Treatment – Dr. Domingo Martin (Spain)

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  • Dr. Iulian Filipov

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Chirurgie Orala si maxilo-faciala, Implantologie


    – Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at UMF Carol Davila Bucharest

    – Graduate of the General Medicine Faculty of UMF Carol Davila Bucharest

    – Active member of MINEC ( MegaGen International Network for Education and Clinical Research )

    – Membru DGOI (Deutche Gesellshaft für Orale Implantologie)

    Implants, despre Dr.
    Iulian Filipov
    “In ultimii ani, Iulian Filipov este un foarte activ speaker si trainer international in
    domeniul implantologiei si al chirurgiei BMF, cu un interes sporit in cazurile clinice din
    aria remodelarii faciale si a chirurgiei ortognatice.”


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  • Dr. Catalina Bichir

    Medic Dentist/Specialist Protetica Dentara Doctorand UMF Carol Davila


    2008 – 2014 Faculty of Dentistry UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    2015 – 2018 Dental prosthetics residency UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    2017 – present PhD student Medicine UMF Carol Davila / Bucharest

    Further Training courses, certificates,

    Smile Design: The Art of Provisions, the Plan for Predictable Facial Change
    through aesthetic dentistry; Dr. Elliot Mechanic, Canada

    Resin Infiltration for anterior teeth: Eradicating white marks simply; Dr. Linda Greenwall, United Kingdom

    SmileDesign, MockUp, Imprint, Providers (SMAP), Dr. Dragoş Smărăndescu

    Fully ceramic facades; Dr. Dragoş Smărăndescu

    An introduction to soft tissue lasers in Dentistry; Dr. Daniel Pinder, United Kingdom

    Natural in mathematical form; Dr. Florin Cofar

    One Day Composite; Dr. Dan Lazar

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