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Payment Options:

  • Pay with Cash, and get a %5 discount.
  • Pay with a Bank Transfer
  • Pay with a Visa or Master Card in our office
  • Pay with Paypal transfer.


Two of the most popular options, though, are cash and credit card. For the best price, we recommend paying cash. If paying by credit card, there will be an additional 5% charge due to new bank/government regulations.

If you don’t want to carry too much cash, you can buy money orders from your bank. It works best for us if you leave the payee open. Otherwise, please call us to inquire as to whom we need to have the money order made out to. This is because sometimes we will use the money order to pay the dental lab or the doctor’s fees.
For convenience, you can pay using your Visa or Master Card credit cards, although there are bank fees which will apply. Please notify your bank in advance that you will be making payments in Mexico, to avoid the bank blocking your card.

If you want to make a Paypal payment, it is necessary that you first open a Paypal account in the US. Then you will be able to “Send Funds” from your Paypal account to ours.